Reignite the Game

Reignite the Game

Philippe Ha | Thu, October 20, 2011

The game has given us all so much; it deserves our contribution and our earnest efforts. It isn’t about money, popularity, or even distinction. It’s about building a community that is committed to the fullest basketball experience around. But really, it’s about true enthusiasts who actually give a damn.

Why do you play at Jammi?

Is it the players? When you’re a part of something from the very beginning, you start to feel that sense of belonging, that legitimate sense of team spirit. Not only does it help you build stronger bonds with your teammates and opponents but it also improves everyone’s game in ways only a close-knit group can.

Is it the full-sized court? Why would we split two gyms up with a curtain when we can run a game across them? 105 feet by 85 feet of clean, hardwood floors are what we should play on – not just for the playoffs, or finals, or all-star games – for the heads-up play, for the fast-break, for every game.

Is it the on-site athletic therapist? You take a jump-shot and land on the defender’s foot; you’re boxing your man out of the paint and catch an elbow; you sprint for a loose ball and cramp up mid-flight. These things are bound to happen. But the next time they do, you’ll have someone who knows how to treat it, recover from it, and even prevent it. No more of that 'just ice it and hope for the best' garbage.


Is it the professional photographer? Gone are the cheap team-shots you had taken in high school when you had to swear to your friends and family that you guys were actually good. Like in basketball, photography requires piercing vision. Now, you won’t be embarrassed to show your action shots to anyone – unless it’s your layup getting swatted out of bounds; we can’t help you there.

Is it all that stat-tracking? We’re sports buffs. It’s why we don’t just track your points and fouls; we’ve got your field goal attempts, your assists and even your turnovers. And for you defensive nuts, we’re tracking blocks, steals, and boards too. It’s nice to know how many scored a couple weeks ago but we’re betting that you’ll feel a lot better when you read about that triple-double you posted.

Is it the 48-minute games? A decent game needs strategy; it requires that you talk it over with your teammates more than twice a game. So we’re not playing 20-minute halves, we’re talking 4x12 minute quarters.

Is it the 27-game season? It’s not much of a season if you don’t have the time to work on your game. It’s why we play through six months, giving you the time to shake those cobwebs and peak in time for the playoffs.


Is it the website? It can’t be easy to improve your performance without the proper tools. It’s even tougher to prepare when you don’t know who your opponent is. Count on us to watch and write about what’s going on at the games – on our blog, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. It doesn’t need to always be about Jammi either, we’re also avid NBA fans and sneaker-heads.

Whatever the reason, we’re thankful that you’ve taken the time to consider us, to recognize what we’re dedicated to here – basketball.


-- The Jammi Team